When the Live Shark Encounter pulls into your event the excitement begins to build! From shore to shore, young and old are equally fascinated by the myth of the shark. As the diver enters the tank and interacts with the sharks, in ways never before seen, people are thrilled, amazed and amused!

This is why over 100 Sporting events, Boat and State Fair shows have featured the Haai Inc. Shark Encounter at their event. The exhibit featuring a 5000 gallon aquarium with sharks travels year round and plays to millions of people in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

This unique traveling exhibit is safe, exciting and surprisingly affordable. The Haai Inc. professional team is dedicated to providing your event with an attraction that will thrill visitors as well as draw positive media coverage from TV, Radio and Newspapers. The wholesome educational approach is a welcome venue for event sponsors and promoters alike.

Find out why so many have called the Haai Shark Encounter the Ultimate Attraction

Everything worked great. I was impressed with the new look of the Shark show, Philip was great to work with and was very accommodating with requests to meet the press. You can certainly use me as a reference.

Darryl Ruston – Events & Facility Manager, Red River Exhibition Park
The sharks were an amazing addition to our festival. They created quite the buzz around town in the weeks leading up to our event. We had a great turnout at the festival and our patrons particularly enjoyed the shark show.

Meg Rainey – Auburn CityFest, Auburn Alabama


The Sharks were GREAT! Philip and his crew really have it down, very low maintenance, professional and very enthusiastic. I would recommend them for any event.

John Julian – Big Eastern Expo
I felt that they were a very good attraction. Many people were coming in saying their kids wanted to see the sharks. Philip is also excellent with the media, and getting media is probably my biggest reason for booking this act.

Henri Boucher
Vice President/Show Producer
ShowSpan, Inc.
The Shark Encounter was VERY well received by the large audiences they drew and the satisfied sponsors. They were professionals throughout their entire stay with us. I got to know Phillip as an evening of nearby tornados caused him to seek shelter in my home for a few interesting hours one evening.

For our VIP Kick Off we had 5 county fair managers (and personal friends) as guests. Our recent festival was the most successful EVER, thanks in part to the drawing power of this show that Capitol International provided. Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with you, Rob, and Phillip.

Larry Bush, Chairman
Secretary of the Michigan Association of Fairs
Swartz Creek Hometown Days